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1080 Snowboarding

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1080 Snowboarding

Nintendo / 1998-04-01

Sports / Sports - Extreme

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Game Details

Get Ready to Shred the Slopes!

In the tradition of Nintendo EAD classics like Wave Race 64 and Star Fox 64, 1080 Snowboarding sets a new gold standard in graphics, play control and sound. Whether you're sticking a Stalefish in the half pipe or a 720 Air in a raging blizzard, 1080 delivers snowboarding action so real you'll be checking your nose for frostbite!

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

180 Backflip without the Panda Boarder
by Jan Wargalla

Choose Dragon Cave, then take the normal route with no shortcuts and go right off the clif in the middle of the fence and the finger sign. Pull back on your joystick. As soon as you're upside down, push it to the right-forward position. It takes time to get this right.

NOTE: You can go higher off the cliff and make an easer landing by pushing A right before you jump. It also works better in the Time Attack mode.

Crystal and Metal Boarder's
by Jan Wargalla

To easily get the Crystal and Metal boarders, just follow the exact path that they do and memorize it. The way they go is the absolute shortest route to get through the Deadly Falls course.

Secret Tricks
by Jan Wargalla

MISTY FLIP: Off a large, large jump hold forward for a long time and you will do a sweet Misty!

REALLY COOL GRIND: On the rail in Dragon Cave hold left-back if you are Regular stanced and right-back if you are Goofy for a cool grind.

STRANGE FLIP: On a medium sized jump (at least) hold up-right or up-left to do a quick sweet flip, but sideways!

Fake Cool Jump
by Joe Kranzenfelder

In traing, if you can't get all of the moves done then all you have to do is do an easy one then quickly press the right c button and select the move that you couldn't do, when you land the game will think that you did the move that you selected in mid air!

Penguin Board Thing...
by Josh Sewell

I found out in 1080 Snowboarding that if you get the penguin board (complete all 24 stunts in the practice, then highlight the players default snowboard and press C-down) and do the tail grab if the penguins beak is pointing forward the player grabs all air but the stunt counts.

Panda Man
by Vincent Sprague

To select Panda Man finish Match Race on Expert level and beat all EAD scores on Time Attack, Trick Attack, and Contest modes. Select Rob Haywood and press the right C button and then the A button.

Special Panda Man Tricks

Front Flip
R + Up on Control Stick

Back Flip
R + Down

Panda Tweak Front
Press R, rotate Control Stick counterclockwise, then press Left + R

Panda Tweak Back
Press R, rotate the Control Stick clockwise, then press Right + R

One Foot
Down +B button

Penguin Board
To ride the Penguin Board you have to do every trick in the game under training mode. It's best to use Rob Haywood or Panda Man. After you've done all the tricks press the bottom C button and the A button when your select any character's default board.

Ice Man
To play as Ice Man win Match Race mode on the Expert level and top all EAD scores in Trick Attack and Time Attack. Press the Left C button and then the A button while choosing Akari Hayami.

Gold Ice Man
To play as Gold Ice Man select Ice Man then conquer Match Race on the Expert level. Press the Up C button and then the A Button while choosing Kensuke Kimachi.





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