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Aidyn Chronicles

THQ / 2001-03-14

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Aidyn Chronicles takes place in a fully 3D environment. What does this mean? Well, most RPGs are either 2D games, which appear flat with a top-down view, or else they use 3D characters on prendered backgrounds. Both of these methods have their advantages, but both lack the realistic feel of a world that is true 3D. With Aidyn Chronicles, you can go anywhere you can see, with no loading, black screens or transitions. If you see a cave or path, you can explore it fully - there's no artificial restrictions.

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2003-11-13 00:00:00

When in Pot Said go to the roll of knights if you go the way the roll is facing you should end up at a house right next to the water at the corner of the town. Go inside and look on the bed. Click A when next to it and you'll pick up a light wand.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

You automatically get Brenna, who rocks if you pump her up a bit. 
(Long range and massive damage, COOL!) Abrecan is a must: His attack 
is too powerful to miss out on. He`s a bit pokey (slow) and he can`t 
learn magic (reminds me of the grunts in Warcraft), but the massive 
damage more than makes up for it. Give him a nice, big shield and a 
big sword. That`s all: give him some experience and he can deal huge 
amounts of damage-up to 50 at a time! For your final choice, either 
get Godric or Rheda. My friend and I chose Godric, mostly because he 
looks funny. Also, for yourself (Alaron, is he called?), get a bow 
and become an archer. This will allow you to have another member 
similar to Brenna but stronger and a bit more accurate.
Note: For skills, get Hafted for Abrecan and Thief for Brenna. Dragon 
Flames works well for Godric as well. And the other thing-when you are 
using Brenna, ALWAYS attack enemies from behind. She gets a massive 
bonus. Against Kitarak I`ve seen her deal 8-10 damage when she attacks 
from behind! Rock on!

As you build up your characters remember that Aleron can learn ALL 
majic and ALL skills. Your party cannot. Choose wisely what skills 
and spells you want to build up in Aleron. You can spread yourself 
too thin if you try to learn everything. This game can be very 
challenging if you don't have the right skills at a high enough 
level. Here is some valuable info: ALL skills and ALL spells max out 
at 10. All Stats max out at 30 except Endurance (40) and Stamina (?).

From The School of Wizards.
When you get to the school of Wizards go up the stairs go to your 
left and the second door on your left, Adra will be in there.Go 
through the credits she wants you to go to the Dryads Forest and get 
a flower called"amanath" or something like that go behind the School 
and fight 2 Spirat Wolves and a couple of Dire Wolves.One thing though 
I couldnt hit the Spirat Wolves with any Spell or Weapon excpet for 
WarFang you get after you kill the Goblin king.Go through and talk yo 
some Dryads they Will tell you stuff.Dont Make them Angry or you will 
have to fight them.they are very hard so just be nice.Find the Pandra 
talk to her she'll tell you where to find the flower. Get walk to the 
castle there will be a Dryad that will take you back to Pandra after 
those credits go in the castle and talk Adra you'll have a dream and 
find out that your incomplete as she puts it.Walk to Port Saild and 
avoid the Chaos by the front gate because that battle consits of 2 
chaos warriors 2 cho!
as sorecers and a couple of choas'.WWalk in talk to the guard in front 
of you he'll be kind and direct you to the nearest inn.Talk to people 
there alot of Merchants here but they dont carring good you 
can earn a new member Keelin good at opening chest and she the one you 
need to open the LightHouse door.there is a Joker here i'm pretty sure 
he can also be on your team but I havent got him yet when you get to 
the lightHouse and find a way to start the lamp tell me I havent 
figured it out yet. Hope I helped See ya.

How To Light The Lighthouse
As soon as you enter the gate to Port Saiid you will see a bunch of 
houses.  The first house you come to if your following the road (the 
house with the bandit trader in the basement) should have a path 
leading to a cave behind it.  The path has wheelbarrels and shrubs in 
front of it so it is hard to see it.  Walk down the path and you will 
be on the beach.  There will be a cave and you should enter it and go 
to the back of it.  There will be a scroll to light the lighthouse at 
the back of the cave.  You then take the road outside of Port Saiid 
(the on with no sign) and go to the lighthouse.  When you reach the 
lighthouse go to the top of it and press a where the flame should be 
and your guy will say some words and then light the flame using the 
scroll.  You should also explore the caves below the lighthouse for 

Money Maker
One way to make money is to buy a bunch of ingredients for inferno 
flasks. Make them with the alchemist ability and sell them to make 

Acid Wand
When you see a hobgoblin in a tent that has torches around it,go 
inside and walk to the goblinking and step behind him and open the 
chest there and it contains the acid wand.

The Desert's Secret
Ok here it is go In to the desert the normal way not the secret way 
stay to the left as much as you can go then  go up the hill you see 
a bandit guarding a cave kill him. This cave is not in any books so 
I hope your reading this I made up a name for this cave It is 
called"Bandit's Hideout"so don't change it.This cave has gold potions 
and a banishing wand.Of course there are some bandits go left and right 
(it splits into to ways) when you get in.The right way ends in dead end 
with a bag of gold. The left is a huge room. There is the banishing 
wand in one of the chests.

How to get Keelin
To get Keelin all that you have to do is go to Port Saiid and she is 
in a building or as they call it an Inn.  Be careful while you approach 
the gate to Port Saiid because you will have to beat 3Chaos scouts, 
2Chaos Knights, and 1 Chaos sorcerer.  So camp before you approach the 

Better speed
When in battle,right before a enemy attacks you,press left,left(control 
stick),a.This gives you a better chance of avoiding a attack(this works 
80% of the time). 

Short cut
On your way to errome(or how ever u spell it) on your right side there 
will be a tree covering a break in the mountain. You may want to check 
every tree on your right. This short cut saves you at least 5 minutes. 
The down side is you have to fight about 9 things when you get through 
it. Good luck on the fighting part I lost Argean(or what ever his name 
is) the first time I tried. It is hard so watch out. You get about 7-10 
items after though. It is worth the risk.

Free Battle Axe and armor
When you talk to Brenna outside the castle and have an extra space in 
your party, tell her it is too dangerous. She will give you give you a 
free battle axe and Idem Scale. 

Gorgon's Cave
After leaving Errorman (sp?), on the road to Talewok.  When you get to 
the first house there is a high ledge that runs on the other side of 
the river, opposite of the road.  Near the house is a short bridge that 
crosses the water and near that bridge is a ramp that lets you onto the 
ledge. Follow the ledge SE, there are couple of encounters including 
scorpions and harpys.  Farther down the ledge is an enterance to the 
Gorgon's cave.  The gorgon's try to turn you to stone but their spell 
is easy to resist (Willpower 15).  They give pretty good exp. but more 
importantly, there are some good magical items throughout the cave 
including: mirror spell scroll, enchanted blade and adamant boots...
Good luck...

Get Becon
In erromon you follow the road until the first right then the middle 
house is becons shop talk to him. then go to the inn at the gate of 
erromon and becon is right in front of you. talk to him again and he 
will join you.

Inf Money
Talk to the first female in the Jundor Shop Downstares At daytime and 
lots of bows of accuricy than sell them back for 4x as much!





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