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All Star Baseball 2000

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All Star Baseball 2000

Acclaim / 1999-04-07

Sports / Sports - Baseball

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Game Details

Play with the pros! Second generation hi-resolution graphics and a 3-D sports engine set the field for some hard-hitting action. Features all-new player models with sunglasses, high socks, and alternate jerseys; 400 brand-new animations like over-the-shoulder catches and the double-play pivot; over 100 unique player batting stances and real-life faces; and the all-new Instant Replay. Plus, pitchers are scouted by Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, and Yankees John Sterling and Michael Kay call the action. All 30 Major League teams, players and stadiums are represented!


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Control pitching speed
Hold Z to increase or R to decrease the speed of a pitch.

Easy Rundown
When your opponent gets a runner on first base, wait till the runner sets on the base. When he sets throw the ball to third. The runner might try to go to second if so Throw the ball to second. He might get tagged out, he might be safe, or he might try to go back to first. If so run him back and get him out.If he does not go to second throw the ball home. He will almost definitely go to second if he does repeat step one.

Cheat Codes
WTOTL Blackout Mode
GRTBLSFDST Ball Trail Mode
BBNSTRDS Big Ball Mode
MYEYES Blurry Mode
ABBTNCSTLO Fat-Skinny Mode
PRPPAPLYR Paper Player
TOMTHUMB Small Player
FLYAWAY Flying Players

Always Hit Home Runs
After you've played the game for a little bit, try hitting for power, instead of contact. If you have the pitcher aid on, and can see where the ball is going, put the power box right under it. If its a RHP, place the box so that the pitcher aid thing is in the upper left ( just in case if the pitcher is throwing a slider or curve). If the pitcher is a LHP, then place the box so that the pitcher aid thing is in the upper right. If you stay under the pitcher aid and swing at the appropriate time, you will always hit home runs. This will also work without the pitcher aid, but you got to be real quick (including if your playing on all-star difficulty!)

Lizard Players
Choose an exhibition game then go to Kaufman Stadium. There are two signs that say "Win a lizard." If a player hits that sign the team will turn into lizards.

Run Faster
To run faster all you have to do is press Z when running bases and out in the field.

Unhittable Fastball
When pitching in ARCADE mode, hold C-Down + A to pitch an Unhittable fastball. Hold it until the ball reaches the plate.

Invisible baserunners:
To get invisible baserunners, when you have a man on base, hold the A button for 30 seconds, then hold the up button for 13 seconds, then press A, B, Up, Down, Start.





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