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All Star Baseball 99

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All Star Baseball 99

Acclaim / 1998-06-01

Sports / Sports - Baseball

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Game Details

Over 700 Major League Baseball players are represented by skinned polygons with a smooth natural look that simulates muscle tone. There is also over 500 animations that gives players a very smooth look when they move. You will be able to track stats in over 60 categories. In addition to the usual season modes you can start a fantasy baseball mode in which you can create and draft your own team. You can also create trade sign and release players. During the season you can call players up from a 15-player farm team to make up for injuries.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Cheats by Rick Pinsonneault

At the Enter Cheats screen enter.

ATEMYBUIK:   Alien Stadium [Go to Stadium select screen 
 select Alienopolis]

PRPPAPLYR:   Paper Players

GOTHELIUM:   Big Heads, Hands, Bats

More Pitch Selections
by Jan Wargalla

When you are starting a game go to the "Game Options" 
screen and go to game mode and change it to arcade. 
Then go to into the game and hold the Z button when 
you're pitching. Congratulations! You now have eight 
pitches to choose from, including the spit-fastball 
and the screwball. 





All Star Baseball 99 s0

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