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Asteroids Hyper 64

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Asteroids Hyper 64

Crave / 1999-11-23


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Game Details

For those unaware few, the original Asteroids arcade game had players piloting a wedge- shaped spacecraft through an asteroid field, pulverizing the rocks into progressively smaller chunks. It was brilliantly simple and--still today--entirely addictive. Crave Entertainment's new take on this classic provides Nintendo 64 gamers with 3-D graphics and plenty of clever upgrades and new features.

Pilots now choose between three varieties of spacecraft, each with unique firepower, shield levels, and maneuverability. Dodging and weaving among the floating obstacles, players progress through 50 levels, demolishing and avoiding comet-like asteroid projectiles, space junk, and species upon species of aggressive alien beings and ships, as well as the classic, garden-variety asteroids.

New weapons and power-ups occasionally float by, providing much-needed boosts of firepower or, say, the ability to temporarily ram enemies or asteroids into oblivion. Extensive multiplayer features include competitive, cooperative, and team play variations.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Original asteroids game:
Shoot the new, strange green object in Zone 1, Level 15 to unlock the 
original game.

Black hole warning:
When small, white objects begin swirling around the eye of the black hole 
and become larger and in greater numbers, leave.

Solar flare attack:
In Zone 3, Sun, stay away from the top left corner of the screen as much as 
possible. That is where the deadly solar flares always attack from. 

Queen Worm:
The Queen comes out of the purple crater and cannot be destroyed.





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