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3DO / 1998-12-28

Action / Adventure

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Area 51 Warp:

In the multiplayer Area 51 level there is a UFO. If you shoot the UFO
you get this cool gyrating light show. In between the upper left and
upper right corners is another UFO. If you blow both of them up and
drive into the light show you can warp between the two points. 

Better Weapons:

To get better weapons in multi-player collect 15 or more of a weapon
and press A+B at the same time. You will fire a modified blast of the
weapon you fire. This code doesn't work with grenades. 

Choose Gang in Campaign Mode:

Go to input code, then type in LTSLTSGNGS. Select campaign mode and
you should be able to select your gang. 

Free Camera Mode / Lookout:

In Anihilation (Mode must be earned) start a two player game and
have two computers enabled. You can be on whatever team, whatever
clan, etc. Play the game normaly but have someone die very quickly
(lose whole team) and the other person stay alive.

When it says "LOSER" on your screen it should be still, not circling
like usual. If you move your analog stick, you can either take a
tour of the streets, follow the other player and be a lookout, or
just watch the action as it develops! 


Level:     Passcode:

 1          FRHBWNTNTK
 2          LHTTTBKRLS
 3          RCJRWPCLGM
 4          VVSLGGVHRF       
 5          LPFFLNHJJF
 6          CTMGPRWGBH
 7          HPJMKGMCJV
 8          WHSNKNFRGS
 9          CRFPHGCTKP
10          HHRBKPVWGB
11          WFHMKCFWLB
12          SPLJTFLRFS
13          LTSLTSGNGS


To blow up your tank press and hold all four C-buttons. This can be
helpful if you want a different tank in Deathmatch. 

Storm Ravens Gang:

Enter WMNRSMRTR as a password. The all-women Storm Ravens game,
with laser and cloak power-up will be selectable in multiplayer





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