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Buck Bumble

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Buck Bumble

Ubisoft / 1998-11-20

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Take on the role of a cyborg bee who battles mutant insectoids in this flying shoot 'em up featuring complete freedom of movement in a totally 3D world!

Advance through 20 challenging missions for a truly progressive gameplay experience. Let yourself be transported to another dimension as you view the world from a tiny insect perspective!

Includes multiplayer death matches, a soccer option and over 10 killer weapons.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Easy Way to Destroy Bees:

Here is an easy way to destroy bees:  Wait to hear the buzzing sound
that notifies you of  their arrival.  Then wait for them to get very,
very close to you (when they lower their altitude to hit you).  Use
your weapon with star-type ammo to shoot them.  You will hit them 99.9%
of the time.  If you shoot them and they hit you, you will not lose as
much health as normal. 

Fast Forward Text:

When text appears press Z to fast-forward or A to skip it entirely. 






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