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Konami / 1999-01-26


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Game Details

CASTLEVANIA is a bloody-good 3D vampire-hunting experience that adventure fans won't want to miss. You take the role of either the whip-toting Reinhardt Schneider or Carrie Fernandez, a young girl with magical powers. Both characters have separate (though similar) storylines, complete with entirely different endings and a couple of stages that are exclusive to each character's quest. The game is set to a real-time clock function, so while slicing and dicing the bad guys players need to be aware of the time, because it wouldn't do to be caught somewhere dangerous after dark.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Extra difficulty level 
Beat the game with either character and wait until the credits end. 
Save the game, then restart to access the "Hard" difficulty setting. 
Note: The first green jewel for the Secret #1 entry on the item list 
must be collected. It can be found in the Silent Forest (level 1). 
Locate the platform that is floating next to a bridge. Jump to the 
platform and hit the torch to find the jewel.

Alternate costumes 
Beat the game with either character on the "Hard" difficulty setting, 
after finding your character's special crystal in the towers. When 
playing as Reinhardt, move up to the third level in the Tower of 
Execution, break open one of the iron maidens to find the Execution 
Key. Then, return to the second level, open the locked iron gate and 
walk through the hallway. Finally, look over the edge to find a 
floating platform with an iron maiden, jump to the floating platform, 
and break the iron maiden to find the purple jewel for his Secret #2. 
When playing as Carrie, throw holy water at the floating platform with 
a torch at the top of the Tower of Sorcery just before the exit, then 
hit the torch to find the purple jewel for her Secret #2. Next, save 
the game, then highlight the character the game was completed with at 
the character selection screen. Hold Analog-stick Up and choose the 
character to select their alternate costume. Reidhart's alternate 
costume is Simon Belmont's original costume. Carrie Fernandez's 
alternate costume is a classic 1920s school girl outfit.

Renon ending sequence 
Purchase more than $30,000 in items from Renon during the game. Then 
a battle with Renon will appear at the end of the game.

Charlie Vincent ending sequence 
Use more than four cards during the game, or take an excessive amount of 
time to complete the game. Then a battle with Charlie Vincent will appear 
at the end of the game.

Infinite money 
Defeat the bull in the Castle Center, then return to the white crystal 
save point. Locate and open the large crate to collect $2000. Then, save 
and load the game and open the crate again. Repeat this action to gain 
an unlimited amount of money.

Solving the Goddess astronomy puzzle 
Set Gold on 2, Red on 4, and Blue on 8.

Passing the hedge maze 
Look up and to the right at the entrance to the garden hedge maze to 
find a platform. Use the invisible ledge in front of the platform to 
reach it. When passing through the maze with Malus, turn left, open 
the unlocked door, then move left, right, right, left, left, left, 
right, right. Enter the gate and collect the items, then exit through 
the gate and run right, left, right, left, left, right. Move through 
the passage, collect the key, walk through the Villa, then re-enter 
the maze. Finally, run down the long passage towards the tower and 
enter the door to the right.

Collecting the courtyard fountain items 
Wait until midnight, then climb the platform that appears in the 
courtyard fountain.

Speaking to Rosa 
Speak with Rosa when she appear in the Villa at the rose garden 
at 3 a.m.

Finding food 
Look at the statues to find chickens or slabs of beef.





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