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Castlevania- Legacy of Darkness

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Castlevania- Legacy of Darkness

Konami / 1999-12-09


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Before the arrival of Reinhardt Schneider and Carrie Fernandez, Dracula, Lord of Darkness, is just starting to stir. Now the call to his bloodthirsty multitiudes is going out. In other words, the head sucker is about to put the bite on Transylvania and Kohnel, a young werewolf just got the message. Now he's headed for the castle and an uncertain future: is he in search of a Master-or has he come with revenge on his increasingly hairy brain? He has no idea what he will discover at the castle, nor is he aware of the Dangers he might face. All he knows is that the time has come to meet and greet the toothy terror-and discover what destiny awaits him in this highly anticipated Special Edition!


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Play as Henry:
Successfully complete the game as Cornell and save the game after the credits. 
Load the saved game to play as Henry. Henry must save seven children within 
seven days.

Play as Reinhardt:
Successfully complete the game as Henry to play as Reinhardt from Castlevania 

Alternate costumes:
Rescue two children as Henry to unlock an alternate costume for Cornell.

Hard difficulty setting:
Rescue three children as Henry, and complete and save the game. Start a new 
game using the saved game file to access the hard difficulty setting. 

Fight against Renon:
Spend over 30,000 gold buying items during the game to fight against Renon 
the winged demon. 

Getting a checking from Frank:
Knock down Frank when fighting him in the Villa. Most of the time, this will 
result in a chicken, and an easy way of getting food when needed.





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