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Doom 64

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Doom 64

Midway / 1997-04-02

Shooter / First Person Shooter

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Get ready for 32 total levels of maximum carnage!!! Huge weapons from the Super Shotgun to the Plasma gun! All new levels, enemies and enhanced graphics not available on any other version. Secret boards, and many puzzles to keep you glued to the set for hours!

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2006-08-29 00:00:00

This code willgive you 100 health, 200 armor, all weapons,full ammo, back pack, levels, 29, 30, 31 finished, at the last level, and the 3 items which powers your lazer gun to be three times more powerful than the BFG9000 and can kill the last boss in four seconds. The three items also let you shut up the stupid doors that shoot out monsters and the laser shoots faster and stronger.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Level Codes

 These passwords will take you to some of the hardest
 levels in the game. From the Options screen, choose
 Password and enter these codes as shown:

 The Terraformer    -->   CB92NBPLSYL?JO27
 Main Engineering   -->   BXYH?G416Z4JPJ?Z
 Holding Area       -->   CYCCMGPKX47GTS2B
 Tech Center        -->   CF3?PG6DS12ZPFKB
 Alpha Quadrant     -->   BXROTH1F52GG7W?B
 Research Lab       -->   BBXWHLGSXB8F4RKB
 Final Outpost      -->   FVV9FL55QGFVDWJB
 Even Simpler       -->   FFLBMQ6CVV1CPF1B           

Skip Levels, all weapons, God mode

 Enter the following code at the password screen: ?TJL
 BDFW BFGV JVVB. Start the game and press start. Now
 highlight the features option. From here you should be
 able to skip levels, access all weapons, and enjoy the
 power of god mode.

Game Shark Codes

 Always Have BFG 9000 800632db0001
 800632cf0001   -->   Always Have Chain Gun 
 800632d30001   -->   Always Have Missile Launcher 
 800632d70001   -->   Always Have Plasma Rifle 
 800632e300ff   -->   Gun/Chain Gun Ammo
 800632ef0064   -->   Missile Ammo
 800632eb0064   -->   Plasma/BFG/Weapons Ammo





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