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Dual Heroes

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Dual Heroes

Electro Brain / 1998-11-05



Game Details

Electro Brain has finally unveiled Dual Heroes, its first tournament fighter for the N64. Set in a distant future where Earth is ruled under the iron fist of emperor Zoor, a group of brave (or foolish) fighters don futuristic Gaiathyst suits and attempt to liberate the planet. If the characters look vaguely familiar, that's because they were designed by the same artist responsible for creating the Power Rangers. With the exception of the feline fighter Juie, all of the combatants are humans decked out in Japanese action hero costumes.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Fight as GYN:

Enter the options screen and set the difficulty to normal, and choose
two round mode. Then, successfully complete story mode using any
character. GYN may now be selected in any mode except for story mode.




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