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Excitebike 64

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Excitebike 64

Nintendo / 2000-05-02

Sports / Sports - Racing

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Excitebike 64 is an updated version of the classic NES game Excitebike. This realistic motorcycle racing simulation features high-resolution graphics, three progressive bike classes, and both a rider and track editor. Speed through six outdoor courses and six indoor stunt tracks. You can also show off over 32 stunt tricks in this fast action game. As an added bonus, the original NES version is hidden inside this game.

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invisable rider does not work


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Cheat code screen:
Hold L + C-Right + C-Down and press A at the main menu to display the cheat 
code screen. 

Invisible riders:
Enter INVISRIDER as a code at the cheat screen. 

Big Head mode:
Enter BLAHBLAH as a code at the cheat screen. 

Stunt bonus:
Enter SHOWOFF as a code at the cheat screen. 

Mirror mode:
Enter YADAYADA as a code at the cheat screen. 

Night mode:
Enter MIDNIGHT as a code at the cheat screen. 

Unlock all stunts:
Enter TRICKSTER as a code at the cheat screen. 

Classic Excitebike mini-game:
Successfully complete tutorial mode to play the NES version of Excitebike 
under "Special Tracks". 

Soccer mode:
Get first place in the silver round of the novice season to unlock soccer 
mode with two or four players. 

Hill climb mode:
Get first place in the gold round of the amateur season. 

Excite 3D mode:
Get first place in the challenge round of the pro season. 

Temporary invincibility:
Pop a wheelie immediately after the race begins and fall off your bike. The 
CPU will reset your biker, giving you temporary invincibility. 





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