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Goemons Great Adventure

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Goemons Great Adventure

Konami / 1999-10-21

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

The dead are suddenly coming back to life and the race is on to stop them in this fast-paced action adventure! Young Goemon and Ebisumaru are called by the all-knowing ancient one to see his wondrous new creation, a machine that brings people back from the past into the present. But when the new creation is stolen and activated, it unleashes a world of ghosts and goblins! Now the final showdown is coming-Can Goemon find the courage to prevail? A whimsical sense of humor, and a cast of classic characters from Japanese folklore magically bring this rich polygon-based environment to life. Featuring two-player co-operative play, more experienced players can actually help out others by "piggy-backing" them through the course of more difficult jump stages, keeping the action moving-and magnifying the impact of their combined attacks! Battle evil in all its forms...fight and pilot huge through mysterious worlds and more on the great adventure that's great on Nintendo 64!


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2005-08-18 00:00:00

Id like to know why, even if I won all the stages, at the end it says I have 2 more!!! Is there a hidden stage that im not aware of? Or something else?


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Four player mode:
Insert controllers into all four ports and begin game play using controllers 
one (and/or two). Collect forty-four entry passes from various levels. Then, 
press C-Right + Start on controllers three and four. 

Alternate costumes:
Unlock four player mode, then go to the "Prediction" house to access new 
costumes for each character. 

Control ending screen:
Highlight the "Try Again" option at the game over screen, then repeatedly tap 
A to move the hula hoop faster. 

Double coins:
Wait until night to get two coins from an opponent that would normally only 
have one coin.

Unlimited items:
Begin the game and go to the upgrade store. Purchase any desired item, then 
go to the save location and save the game. Reset the game. When the game is 
resumed, you will have all your money plus the item that was purchased. This 
may be repeated to get an unlimited number of items. 

Unlimited lives:
Go to the restaurant, buy sushi, and you will gain one life. go to the Inn, 
save and reset the game. You will have another hundred coins that you can 
buy sushi with again. Repeat to gain the desired amount of lives.





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