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Harvest Moon 64

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Harvest Moon 64

Natsume / 1999-12-22

Role Playing Game

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Reply #8

2007-10-09 00:00:00

Well, I have an Easy way for you to Upgrade your tools.

What you need to do, Is go to the vinyard, and In the small room with the barrels of wine ((The place that Karen takes you for the love event))

Make sure you have a bottle from Rick, which is available at the Flower festival. Get the tool you want to upgrade and use it on nothing, then once you run out of energy, take the bottle fill it with wine and drink it,
You can also do this in the pub, but that requires money!

Reply #7

2007-10-09 00:00:00

If you are wondering why you can't get a blue feather ((Something you need to propose)), you are in need of house extentions. Have the house extention guys build you a kitchen, then the blue feather will be in Rick's storr, It's 1000 gold but Rick will knock some off and sell it to you for 980.
You might need some money before you get your house extentions. A Kitchen cost 5000 gold. And if you want a child, have them build you a baby bed for 1000 gold ^^

Reply #6

2007-08-17 00:00:00

how to get music box okay first go 2 the tree then go to edge of feild cout 3 spases left of the screen only dig trough the whole end (i suggest having a level 3 hoe/gold hoe)

Reply #5

2006-11-05 00:00:00

it took me forever to get a wife cause rick never got the blue feather but then i started building things on my house(the carpeters house in the moutains)read the sign behind the old lady in the house. choose kitchen. once your kitchen is bulit go to ricks shop and he will have the blue feather

Reply #4

2006-09-09 00:00:00

Start at the top right corner of your field. 11 spaces down and 3 to the right is the spot where you can find the music box after hitting it with the hoe 11x.
In the spot where you get the music box, you can get unlimited boxes. Once you get the music box, have Rick fix it, and give it to a girl you can go again to the same spot and get another one and repeat the process. Doing this can help you raise the girls' affection for you a lot faster.
However, if you try to get more than one box at a time it will stop giving them to you.

Reply #3

2006-09-09 00:00:00

if you line all 3 walls of your green house with either wood or stones or plants, it won't be destroyed by a tornado

Reply #2

2004-05-01 00:00:00

in your farm there is a tree. go to the tree face left of it and you will get a treasre map.

Reply #1

2004-03-15 00:00:00

Medal Glitch:

When at a horse race, bet as hom much you want. Then insted of pressing A for OK press B to moke a bet and not pay.


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