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Madden Football 2000

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Madden Football 2000

Electronic Arts / 1999-08-31

Sports / Sports - Football

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Game Details

Keep football season going all year long. Madden NFL 2000 delivers an arcade mode with blurring moves, helmet-popping hits, more scoring, and special animations. Learn to play with pop-up menus that guide you through the game in the Madden tutorial mode. For traditional football play, Madden NFL 2000 delivers unrivaled, tournament-tested gameplay with in-depth features including a multiplayer franchise mode. Compete in the Madden challenge and face different task levels to unlock secret codes.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Codes: [Submitted by:Growller]

BIGFOOT.... 100 yard field goals
PIGSKINSFLY.... 100 yard passes
POPWARNER.... 5 yard first downs
VERTIGO.... Ball camera
FASTFORWARD.... Bullet passes
EMC2.... Curved space and time
SPRONG.... Players jump farther
NO2.... Players run faster
QBINTHECLUB.... Quarterback is never sacked
SUPERJUMPS.... Super jumps
MOONBALL.... Super jumps
GOTTHEROCK.... Super speed burst
WOOGAWOOGA.... Electric sidelines
FIRSTIS20.... First downs are 20 yards
GUILLOTINE.... Floating heads
MICEANDMEN.... Large vs. small team
PAINFUL.... More Injuries
TEFLON.... Players are harder to tackle
MAGNASAVE.... Easier to catch football
ROLLERJAM.... Easier to fumble football
PICKEDOFF.... Easier to throw interceptions
STATICCLING.... Electric sidelines
CHAINSMOKER.... Players fatigue faster
SMACKDOWN.... Players have stiffer arms
REFISBLIND.... Team makes fewer penalties
FRAPLAPRO.... Defense earns points (Sack = 1 point/Interception = 2 points)
DRBENWAY.... Touch downs are 10pts: field goals are 7pts
VICEGRIP.... Quarterback never throws interceptions
FRACORAS.... Defensive Scoring (Interception = 1 point/Sack= 2 points)





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