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Mario Tennis

Nintendo / 2000-08-29

Sports / Sports - Tennis

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Game Details

Enlist some of your favorite characters from the Mario universe for a game of doubles in Mario Tennis. Boo, Daisy, Bowser--even new character Waluigi, brother of Wario--and more are here for a game that sets accurate tennis physics in an unpredictable fantasy world. Where else could you play tennis on a court surrounded by lava? Play solo or with up to three friends simultaneously. Exhibition Mode provides a friendly, straightforward game, while Tournament Mode will settle the bets. There\'s also a Ring Shot Mode, a tennis variant that has players trying to send balls through as many golden rings as they can.

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2007-11-25 00:00:00


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2006-11-15 00:00:00

Can't Access Ring Tournament...can't seee it on the Special Games Menu...anyone help?

Reply #2

2004-06-08 00:00:00

I cant get the ring tournament in the special games menu so that i cant put in the cheat codes. Please could you send me a solution to my problem.

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2004-03-14 00:00:00

yea ur metal mario code doesnt work write back to me please. thanks


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Cup Passwords
From the main menu, acces the "Special Games" option. in the Special Games menu, choose the Ring Tournament. Now, on the "Code Entry" screen, put in the password for the Cup you want to play. After you play one of these tournaments, you will receive a new code to rank you on the website.

Mario Cup: A3W5KQA3C
Luigi Cup: M1C2YQM1W
Peach Cup: OF9XFQOFR
Donkey Kong Cup: MM55MQMMJ
Waluigi Cup: LA98JRLAR
Bowser Cup: N24K8QN2P Cup: 48HWOR482
Blockbuster Cup: ARM6JQARU

Left-handed character: [Submitted by:SNailB8ter]
At the character selection screen, hold L while selecting a character to make them left-handed.

At the character selection screen, hold R while selecting a character to make them have handicaps and be more powerful.

Play as Shy Guy:
Win the Star Cup-Singles Tournament.

Play as Donkey Kong Jr:
Win the Star Cup-Doubles Tournament.

Donkey Kong court: [Submitted by:SNailB8ter]
Win the Mushroom Cup-Singles Tournament with Donkey Kong.

Yoshi and Baby Mario court:
Win the Mushroom Cup-Singles Tournament with Yoshi.

Mario and Luigi court:
Win the Mushroom Cup-Singles Tournament with Mario.

Mario Brothers court 2:
Win all the Doubles Tournament Cups with Mario.

Mario - Luigi Castle court:
Win the Star Cup Doubles and Singles Tournament with Mario.

Piranha Plant court: [Submitted by:SNailB8ter]
Note: This court only works in Piranha Plant Challenge. Complete any court ..perfect, all 50 balls the Piranha Plant Challenge with any character.

Special Cups:
Win all the Tournament Cups with all the characters (including Shy Guy and Donkey Kong Jr.) to unlock the Special Cups, which are much harder than the previous one. Press R while selecting a character at the character selection screen to access the Special Tournament in the menu.

Unlock Baby Mario and Yoshi Court:
Unlock the Baby Mario and Yoshi Court by beating the Mushroom Cup/Singles Tournament using Yoshi.

Unlock Donkey Kong Court: [Submitted by:SNailB8ter]
Unlock the DK court by beating the Mushroom Cup-Singles Tournament with Donkey Kong.

Unlock Donkey Kong Jr:
To unlock DK Jr, you simply have to complete the Star Cup-Doubles Tournament.

Unlock Shy Guy:
To Unlock Shy Guy, beat the Star Cup-Singles Tournament.

Unlock Super Mario Bros Court: [Submitted by:SNailB8ter]
Unlock the Super Mario Bros. Court by beating the Mushroom Cup-Singles Tournament using Mario.

Get Metal Mario [Submitted by: koofman]
Go to the ring tournament codes and enter MMAR10PCN you should hear a 'click' sonund





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