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Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

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Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

Konami / 1998-04-01

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Calling Mystical Ninja 'weird' is an understatement like calling the Broncos a 'pretty good football team.' This pak reaches new highs in inspired brilliance -- or silliness for surely there is a fine line between the two. You get a strong hint that this isn't your ordinary video game right from the get-go when a rotund character named Ebisumaru tears off his clothes and does a dance in an effort to negotiate a discount with a clothes-store owner.


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2004-06-04 00:00:00

i have beaten this game like 5 times if you need help leave me a message on this website and i will respond and help you as fast as i can.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Blade-Shield Tip:

 When Yae uses her blade-shield, she  normally  can't move. However, if
 you have the armor or shield  and  receive  damage  from an enemy when
 using the blade-shield, you can move. 

Boss Mode:

 If you collect all 45 of the  Fortune  Dolls  throughout  the game, it
 will unlock a special boss mode under the options section. 

Easy Money:

 If you find a room  with a lot of gold (or pots with gold) such as the
 first room in  Oedo  Castle  walk into the room and get the gold. Then
 leave and come back in and -- surprise! All of the  gold is right back
 where it was!  You can do this as many  times as you want and stack up
 on cash. 

Fall Without Pausing:

 When falling from great distances in Mystical  Ninja  you will hit the
 ground and pause getting up.  To avoid this, press the  WEAPON  button
 before  hitting  the ground  and you'll be free to move as soon as you

Faster Ladder Climbing:

 To climb a ladder faster, press A  rapidly  to jump up the ladder. But
 be careful!  If you don't  watch  how high you are, you can jump right
 off the top of the ladder and fall. 

Glitch Room:

 In the  underwater  submarine, swim up to the  spinning  blade in the
 first room. Swim past the exit in the ceiling.  Now head straight up.
 Eventually you will pass  through the ceiling and will not be able to
 get down. You can move around in a little cube of water, but can only
 see  what  is  around  you.   Not  a  really  useful  code,  but  fun

Golden Hair:

 While using Goemon's touch-and-go skills, get  killed  by an enemy (if
 you have more than one life.)  If you do this, you will  come  to life
 again with golden hair.  However, if you want to change the character,
 you can't change the hair color. 

Hidden Image:

 As you know if you  collect  all 45  Cat  Dolls  you get a consecutive
 fighting boss mode in the  option  screen, well if you complete it you
 will get a nice CG pic of the Mystical Ninja gang! 

Move Impact's Head:

 At the  end of the  Impact's  intro  sequence, when the red and yellow
 stripes  are  spinning  behind  Impact, you can move  Impact's head by
 pushing the analog stick in any direction. 

Move While using Weapon:

 When you use your  weapon you can't move, but if you start to move and
 while still moving you can press the attack button you can then move!

Ninjitsu 360 Blade Slash:

 Rapidly rotate the control stick in a 360 motion while rapidly taping
 the B button. This produces a Ninjitsu 360 Blade Slash that will kill
 all the enemies around you. 

Rumble Pack:

 Even  though  the game wasn't made for the rumble pack it will work on
 the boss stages.





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