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NBA Courtside

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NBA Courtside

Nintendo / 1998-04-27

Sports / Sports - Basketball


Game Details

Graphically NBA Courtside is as smooth as a Karl Malone fadeaway jump shot and crisp as a Gary Payton pass. Running in the Nintendo 64's medium resolution mode (512x240 pixels) the detailed motion-captured characters look and behave extremely realistically. Attention to detail can be found in the properly placed arm bands and knee braces. Players even sport high or low socks depending on what their real-life counterparts wear.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs


 To  perform  an  alley-oop, make sure there is an open player near the
 basket.  Then press  C-up and press B.  The  other  player  will do an

Bonus Teams:

 Hold L button and press the A button on a pre-season game, then scroll
 all the way through the teams and you'll find the teams Nintendo, Left
 Field, and N64.

Change the Replay Angle:

 To change the replay angle, hold B while watching a replay.

Hang on the Rim:

 Whenever you perform a two handed dunk, hold B to hold the rim longer.
 Warning: if you hold on too long you will get  called  for a technical

Intentional Foul:

 This is a great way to stop the  opposing  team  on a fastbreak. Press
 C-Right to make your player knock the opponent down.

 WARNING: If you hit a player  without the ball you'll get called for a
 technical foul, Ouch.


 To jog, hold R and then hold BACK.  It only works if your  opponent is
 infront of you. Normally, jogging goes faster than walking without the
 turbo button. 

Michael Jordan:

 Go to the  create  a  player  and put in  Michael Jordan  as the name,
 height 6'6", 216  Pounds, 8  years  pro, 38  years  old,  #23, and all
 abilities at 99%.  Michael  Jordan  will  automatically  appear on the
 bulls to replace the shooting guard. 

Replay Glitch:

 Use a player like  Shaquille  O'Neal  and make him do a cool dunk. Now
 substitute Shaq for someone else and watch the instant replay. 

Replay the Replay:

 After making a basket, tap B and Z at the same time to force a replay.




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