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NFL Quarterback Club 99

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NFL Quarterback Club 99

Acclaim / 1998-11-10

Sports / Sports - Football

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Game Details

The story of Acclaim's NFL Quarterback Club 99 is a tale of two games. The first, that of the single-player game, does not have a happy ending. The second, that of the multiplayer game, does. Ultimately, the decision as to whether you should purchase Quarterback Club comes down to which tale you want to hear, and which game you want to play.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Cheat mode:

Enter one of the following codes on the cheat menu to activate the
corresponding cheat function. A buzzing sound will confirm correct
code entry.

Effect:                         Code:
 Thin players                    TTHPCK 
 Fat players                     MRSHMLLW 
 Faster running                  SPRTRBMD 
 Increased injuries              HSPTL 
 Opposing team does not score1   RLSTN
 Start game with 12 points1      SHUTOUT 

1. This code has been reported as inaccurate. Please submit any
corrections or verifications. 

Cheap hits:

While playing offense, your players may continue to hit the opposing
players after a play ends without a penalty.





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