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NHL Breakaway 98

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NHL Breakaway 98

Acclaim / 1998-02-26

Sports / Sports - Hockey


Game Details

NHL Breakaway '98 is the most realistic hockey simulation ever created. Breakaway features hi-res. 3-D polygonal motion captured graphics outstanding Playbook Based AI and the most features of any hockey game. NHL Breakaway '98...Sweat the details! Real Hockey Action!


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2004-02-19 00:00:00

go to create player screen and create a player and name him first name:grEEn last name:jeLLo
(case sensitive)


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Bonus Points:
 At the  season  mode's  main  screen  enter  this code for extra bonus
 points each time you enter it. Left C , Left C, Right C, Right C, Left
 C, Left C, Right C, Right C, and the top R button

Cheat Menu:

 At the main menu, press C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, R, R. 

Player Inspection:

 Press C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, or C-Right at the player  creation  screen
 to rotate the displayed player in any direction. 

Pull Computer's Goalie:

 After you start playing, pause the game  and go to Game Settings, then
 go to Controller  Select, and  change  to the  other  team. Under Team
 Options, select PULL GOALIE. Then go to  Controller  select again, and
 change  back  to your team, and the  computers  goalie  will be on the
 bench and out of your way.




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