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Midway / 1999-10-26


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Take on the job of Paperboy and get ready to deliver the world from evil! Cycle through interactive 3D environments and pull off injury-defying bicycle stunts for extra points! Defeat an evil doctor, hordes of aliens and still make sure the news gets there on time!

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Cheat mode:
To enter the cheat codes, select "Options" from the main menu, then select the 
"Secret Codes" option. Select "New Code", then use the "Type-Matic" to enter 
one of the following codes. 

Enter INVINC as a code. 

Unlimited papers on all levels:
Enter NOBUNDLE as a code. 

Level select:
Enter MAXSUBS as a code. After this code is activated, enter the Alice's RV 
Haven level. The game will automatically mark the level as completed. Exit 
the level to unlock all remaining levels in the game. Alternately, enter 
OBVIOUS as a code. 

View all headlines:
Enter HEADLINE as a code. 

Big newspapers:
Enter SUNDAY as a code. 

Super jumps:
Enter MOON as a code. 

Super Jump Springs:
Enter ALLJUMP as a code. 

Rocket Boosters:
Enter GOFAST as a code. 

Turbo mode:
Enter RUSH as a code. 

Slow motion mode:
Enter WAKING as a code. 

Random paper tossing:
Enter RANDOM as a code to hit the nearest object that will react (such as a 
homing device) on a power throw.

Frame-by-frame mode:
Enter UNTIMED, then press C-Right to advance to the next frame. 

Invisible obstacles:
Enter JUMBLE as a code. 

Screaming obstacles:
Enter SCREAM as a code. 

Throw papers backwards:
Enter BACKWARD as a code. 

Throw papers directly in front of character: 
Enter FRONTS as a code. 

Throw papers at 90 degree angle:
Enter SIDES as a code. 

Small paperboy:
Enter LITTLE as a code. 

Near-sighted mode:
Enter MAGOO as a code. 

Cartoon sounds:
Enter THUMP or THUNK as a code. 

Increase number of papers without getting bundles:
Whenever you lose control of your character (e.g. before you start a level 
at the "Ready...Set...Go" screen or while you are crashed) rapidly press Z, 
L, or R. Every time one of those buttons are pressed, the amount of papers 
you have will increase.





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