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Penny Racers

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Penny Racers

THQ / 1999-02-10

Sports / Sports - Racing


Game Details

Fast and furious racing excitement has just been green lit for the Game Boy Advance. Penny Racers skillfully fuses the playability of a kart-style racing game with the depth and complexity of more serious racers. 50 different vehicles to choose from.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Better weapons, extra points, class advancement: 
Win a medal on each level in a class (C, B, or A) to earn extra points, better 
weapons, and advancement to the next class (B, A, or AA). 

Faster parts selection:
Repeatedly tap A when the CPU is selecting a part to take from you. This may 
also increase the chance of nothing being taken. 

Always trade parts:
Enter parts options screen and enable "Steal Parts" and "Trade/Swap Parts". 
The CPU will always trade instead of stealing your parts. 

Quick start:
Accelerate just before the last light turns green. 




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