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Rainbow Six

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Rainbow Six

Ubisoft / 1999-11-17

Shooter / First Person Shooter


Game Details

Rainbow Six is as close as the gamer can get to the experience of joining an elite, top-secret tactical operations force. Rainbow Six on all console platforms puts the player in control of an elite multi-national strike force battling international terrorism in realistic locations around the world. Rainbow Six has a break-through combination of spine-tingling tactics and stealth-based game play action. Up to four operatives execute precise assaults on terrorists installations. There are 12 real-world missions with realistic weapons and gear. The game also has an intuitive controller configuration, unique planning phase which links to action, and two player multi-player action for both competitive and cooperative play. Rainbow Six utilizes the N64 controller pack to save data and is enhanced with the 4 MB Expansion Pack, default plans for every mission and rumble pack support.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Level select:
Remove the memory pak from your controller. Then, enter VZRFTMQ2G8SQ as a 
password for the recruit difficulty setting. Enter FZJFTMR2G8RQ for the 
veteran difficulty setting. 

Level   Name            Recruit         Veteran         Elite 

2       Red Wolf        12D1S2Q22MQQ    1ZL1S2RF2MQQ    1ZB1S2S22M?? 
3       Sun Devil       BJDBC3Q22WQQ    BJJBC3RF25QQ    BJBBC3S225?? 
4       Eagle Watch     BZDBSMQZZ!QQ    BZJBSMRF28RQ    BZBBSMS22888 
5       Ghost Dance     CJTCCQQ2FGSQ    CZBCS5RFFMRQ    CJDCCQS2F288 
6       Fire Walk       K2TK65Q2F4SQ    DJBDCYRFF5RQ    CZDCSWS2FMQ8 
7       Lion's Den      T2TT68QGF!WQ    DJDDC6R2FWR8    DJBDCYS2F5?? 
8       Deep Magic      5JR5L1QGGGSQ    LZBDS8R2F8RQ    DZBDS8S2F??? 
9       Lone Fox        52T572Q4G4SQ    MJB2D1R2G2RQ    2JB2D1S2G2?? 
10      Black Star      VJVVLJQGGWSQ    2ZB2T2R2GMQQ    2ZB2T2S2GM?? 
11      Wild Arrow      VZVVXMQ26!SQ    FJJFD3R2G5RQ    FJDFD3S2G5?? 
12      Mystic Tiger    VZRFTMQ2G8SQ    FZJFTMR2G8RQ    FZDFTMS2G888 

255 grenades:
Change your weapon to the grenades and hold Z until the throw meter is filled. 
When the grenade is being thrown, hold Z again until the meter is full. Repeat 
until you are on the last grenade. When it is thrown, you will have 255 
grenades. Note: This trick can be done with regular or flashbang grenades.

Disable flashbang effect:
Use the nightvision goggles after getting hit with a flashbang grenade to 
quickly restore your sight. 




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