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Acclaim / 1999-08-25

Sports / Sports - Racing

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Acclaim's R/C car racing game takes the racing genre and turns it on its head. Where you couldn't go before, there are now no limits. Race these robust R/C vehicles through supermarket, museum gardens, cruise ship and neighborhood levels, taking out everything in your path. Use whatever tactics necessary to gain first place and destroy the competition. Finally, frustrated kids of all ages can drive their R/C cars where no R/C car has gone before. Features: stunning physics engine with Interactive Environments!, state of the art graphics, Exceptional AI gives each car an individual "personality", 28 cars to find and control, 14 single player tracks set in 7 different environments and 4 multi-player arenas, Racing and battle multi-player modes, wide selection of pick-ups and weapons and Track Editor-user created tracks can be saved on all formats.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

All cars and tracks:
Enter B, A, Z, Z, B, L, A, C as a password. Alternatively, successfully 
complete any race in first place to unlock additional cars and tracks. The 
speed of the bonus cars and difficulty of the bonus tracks are determined by 
the difficulty of the track that was completed. Also, play the game in 
practice mode and locate the star in each level. Collect each star in all 
tracks (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) for each difficulty level to 
unlock the following cars: Ghengis Kar and Pole Pos (easy), R6 Turbo and NY 
54 (medium), Mouse and Bertha Ballistics (hard), AMW and Toyeca (extreme). 

Reversed tracks:
Break the times in time trial challenge mode on all normal tracks in all 

Mirrored tracks:
Break the times in time trial challenge mode on all reversed tracks in all 

Mirrored reversed tracks:
Break the times in time trial challenge mode on all mirrored tracks in all 

Jump in multi-player mode:
Press C-Up to jump during multi-player mode. 

Getting unstuck:
Press C-Up to get unstuck. For example, if you fall into the pool in Toytanic, 
press C-Up to stop and get out of the water. Press R when flipped over to get 
right side up.





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