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San Francisco Rush 2049

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San Francisco Rush 2049

Midway / 2000-09-06

Sports / Sports - Racing

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Game Details

Rush 2049 takes the driver 50 years into the future with a city landscape that looks familiar but is definitely out there! The city is teeming with the effects of another Gold Rush, but this time it's 200 years after the original discoveries. Mining for gold deep beneath the city has resulted in layers of underground tunnels where hidden gold coins can still be found by racers who dare to take these challenging shortcuts.

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2008-08-13 00:00:00

choose your own wepoon press up,up,in battle mode

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2005-09-10 00:00:00

Is There Any More Tracks Besides The Other Two You Can Unlock? 7,8,9,10Ect. Becase I Heard There Were 20 Tracks.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Cheat mode:
Hold Z + L + R + C-Up + C-Right at the main menu. An option for the cheat 
menu will appear at the bottom of the screen.

All parts:
Enable cheat mode, then highlight the "All parts" option at the cheat menu. 
Quickly hold L + R and press Z. Release the buttons, then quickly press 
C-Down, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right. Then, hold L + R and press Z. 

Enable cheat mode, then highlight the "Invincible" option at the cheat menu. 
Quickly press C-Right, L, R(2), L. Then, hold C-Left + C-Down and press Z. 

First place passwords:

Circuit and race    Password  

Beginner 4          WX17QQ6FDC XBDWCLCTYC  
Beginner 5          BYI7QQBHWC YBFLD@CJFD  
Beginner 6          WYI7QQLJ8C 3WJWDGD6%C  
Beginner 7          BII7QQWK%C @BMLFLD@MD  
Beginner 8          WII7QQ6LLD FXNWFWDQ2D  
Intermediate 2      XB@#T3LCGB FWB6C2B42C  
Intermediate 3      CC@#T36WDLB LBCWFBCQ3C  
Intermediate 4      XC@#T36FNB VBD6GQC%2C  
Intermediate 5      CD@#T3BHQB YBFBJLDW9C  
Intermediate 6      XD@#T3LJTB 5BG6K2DWQD  
Intermediate 7      CF@#T3WKWB %WJWL@DYMD  
Intermediate 8      XF@#T36L2B HCK6MLF6LD  
Intermediate 9      CG@#t3BN4B KXLWP@FW#D  
Intermediate 10     XG@#T3LP6B MCPLRLGQVD  
Extreme 2           IWBBBWMCDB KWDWBQBN2B  
Extreme 3           FXBBBBYDJB TBH6B6BTFC  
Extreme 4           IXBBBB8FLB IWLLCGCBDC  
Extreme 5           FYBBBBDHQB 8BMBD6CGIC  
Extreme 6           IYBBBBNJTB ?WQ6DBD4WC  
Extreme 7           FIBBBWYKWB CCWBGQDYFC  
Extreme 8           IIBBBW8L4B JXILG2DNVC  
Extreme 9           F2BBBWDN6B MC56GLFQXC  
Extreme 10          I2BBBWNP@B QX8BH@FWDD  
Extreme 11          F3BBBWYQBC RC%LJLGJFD  
Extreme 12          I3BBBW8RDC WXCXKWGLDD  
Extreme 13          F4BBBWDVJC 5CD7L@GTCD  
Extreme 14          I4BBBWNWNC @XHXMBHG#C  
Extreme 15          F5BBBWYXYC ?CM7M2HLTD  
Extreme 16          I5BBBW8YYC GYMXNWJBFD  
Extreme 17          F6BBBWD24C HDRMPGK63C  
Extreme 18          I6BBBWN3@C NYW7PLKYWC  
Extreme 19          F7BBBWY4BD VDYCQGLNGC  
Extreme 20          I7BBBW85JD XY3MQ6LN3C  

Venom car:
Collect all the silver coins in stunt mode.

Crusher car:
Collect sixteen gold coins in stunt mode.

GX-2 car:
Collect half of the gold coins in race mode.

Euro LX car:
Collect twenty-four gold coins in stunt mode.

Mini XS car:
Collect thirty-six gold coins in race mode.

Panther car:
Collect all gold and silver coins in both race and stunt modes. 

Intermediate circuit:
Finish in first, second or third place on the Beginner circuit to unlock a 
bonus track and the Intermediate circuit. 

Extreme circuit:
Finish in first, second or third place on the Intermediate circuit to unlock 
a bonus track and the Extreme circuit. 





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