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Shadowgate 64- Trials Of The Four Towers

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Shadowgate 64- Trials Of The Four Towers

Kemco / 1999-06-09

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Ages have past since the vile Warlock Lord was banished to another dimension by the brave Lord Jair. The famous deed is now only spoken of as legend and myth. However, recent incidents have transpired in an attempt to resurrect the Ultimate Evil One. Caught up in a chain of events beyond his understanding or control, the Halfling Del must explore the ruins of the dilapidated Castle Shadowgate in order to unravel the mysteries set before him, and thwart the dark plans now in motion.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Defeating Belezar:
Place the Dragon Eye on the false Staff of Ages.

Defeating the Warlock Lord:
Place the Staff Of Ages followed by the Ring Of The Kingdom in the hands of the Lord Jair statue.

Passing the fourth trial:
Collect all three rings from the Inner Chamber of Tower 2. Equip the blue ring during the maze in the fourth trial to reset the controls to normal. Go through the maze and remove the ring after you exit.

Finding the Rusty Key:
Look between the column and the wall in the room with the custodian's note to find the Rusty Key.





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