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Snowboard Kids

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Snowboard Kids

Atlus Software / 1998-03-15

Sports / Sports - Extreme


Game Details

The game that started it all! Join our 5 Snowboard Kids as you race down the craziest slopes ever conceived. Pull off some of the sickest tricks in a snowboarding game while battling some of the most ruthless juveniles who'll do anything to win!

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2006-05-01 00:00:00

near the end of grass valley if you are using the feather board you can jump over the stop sign just after the river


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Access All Snowboards and Levels:

 At the  title  screen, press  down  on  the  control  stick, up on the
 control stick, down on the D-pad, up on the D-pad, down C, up C, L, R,
 Z, left on the D-pad, right C, up on the  control  stick, B, right  on
 the D-pad, left C, and then start. If you typed the code in correctly,
 you should hear Nancy laugh. 

Avoid Pie Pan Attacks:

 This can be the toughest  thing in this game, but here are a couple of
 tricks so you can  beat  theese  Squishers. There are a few of ways to
 avoid pie pans. 

 1.You can use a Pie pan against a pie pan.

 2.You can use your invisibility Powerup. 

 3.You will also be  immune  to pie pans if you are able to use a Boost
   to get on the Chairlift Turnstile. 

Easier Way to Beat the Quicksand Valley:

 Quicksand Valley is a devil of a course.  When you reach a fork in the
 road, there are about three of them maybe four, take the right path on
 each one to assure you (not gauranteed) an easier victory. 

Grass Valley Shortcut:

 After you start, turn left at the bridge just before the first jump. 

Ninja Land Track:

 First you must earn  gold  cups  on tracks 1 to 8. After you opened up
 Silver  Mountain, come in  first  to get a  gold  cup  and you will be
 treated to an ending sequence with all the characters. T rack 9, Ninja
 Land, will now be open. 

Play as Sinobin:

 Earn a gold cup on  Ninja  Land, and you will be  able  to control the
 track's very own ninja complete with board. 

Quicksand Valley Track:

 Collect all Gold  Cups on tracks 1 to 6, and you will be rewarded with
 the desert track, Quicksand Valley, and an additional snowboard. 

Silver Mountain Track:

 To enter the Silver Mountain, you must earn gold cups on tracks 1 to 7
 to open up Quicksand Valley. Now go for the gold on  Quicksand  Valley
 and Silver Mountain will open up. 


Person   Trick              How to Do It

 Slash    Slash Spin         Hold A and press Up, Down, Up
 Slash    Slash Banzai       Hold A and press Left, Right
 Jam      Jam the Amazing    Hold A, press Down, then rotate the
                                 control stick 360 degrees twice
 Jam      Jam the Great      Hold A and press Left, Right, Left, Right
 Linda    Linda Bourgeoisie  Hold A and press Up, Down, Up, Down
 Tommy    Fatty Man          Hold A, press up, then rotate the
                                 control stick 360 degrees, hold Up
                                 and release A

Turbo Boost:

 It seems that in most N64 racing games that there is someway  to get a
 head start.To do so in  Snowboard  Kids, simply tap A when the referee
 says "Ready!" If done correctly you should jump way ahead of the pack.




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