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Snowboard Kids 2

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Snowboard Kids 2

Atlus Software / 1999-03-01

Sports / Sports - Extreme


Game Details

Just when you thought it was safe to hit the slopes... Here comes those kids to tear it up again in the outrageous sequel: Snowboard Kids 2. However, all is not well in Snow Town... Enter Damien, the mischievous little brat from the netherworld. He'll stop at nothing to ruin the fun of our Snowboard Kids! It's up to you and the Snowboard Kids to defeat the evil Damien!


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

All characters, tracks, and snowboards: 
Press Z, B, C-Up, Down, Analog-stick Left, Analog-stick Right, Up, R, Z, A at 
the title screen. Damien will laugh and spin off the screen to confirm 
correct code entry. All characters will be unlocked in battle mode and all 
tracks will be unlocked in story mode when a new game is started. The code 
does not affect previously saved games. 

Play as Mr. Penguin:
Defeat Mr. Penguin during the training season to make him a selectable 

Play as Damien:
Successfully complete story mode. 

Play as Mr. Dog:
Successfully complete the "Shoot Cross" skill test with only one paper per 

Play as Panda:
Enter battle mode, select Mr. Dog as a character, and choose his space suit 
costume. Your character will be a Panda when the race starts.

Quick start:
Press B when as the announcer says "Go". 

Expert mode:
Successfully complete story mode. 

Special snowboards:
Successfully complete one of the following tracks under expert mode to unlock 
the corresponding special snowboard.

Snowboard   Feature                 Track 

Poverty     Subtracts money         Sunny 
Feather     More air                Turtle Island  
Ice         Slippery                Snowman Boss  
Star        No special features     Wendy's House 
Rich        Adds money              Linda's Castle  
Dragon      Rockets and wings       Dinosaur Boss 
Ninja       Invisibility            Starlight Highway  
Charm       Ghosting protection     Haunted House 
High-Tech   Speed fan               Mecha-Damien  




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