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South Park

Acclaim / 1998-12-29

Shooter / First Person Shooter

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Game Details

The South Park phenomenon leaps from the tube to the Nintendo 64 in this hilarious adult-themed game inspired by the hit TV series. A comet's close call with earth has unleashed a bizarre assortment of mutant turkeys and aliens on the mountain town, and naturally it's up to the kids to save the day. While you switch between the show's four main characters with the tap of a button, the kids battle the baddies on the outskirts of town using an arsenal of weapons ranging from snowballs (including the yellow variety) and sponge dart guns to toilet plungers and cow-firing bazookas.


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2006-04-02 00:00:00

go to *cheatcodes* then type in "omgtkkyb

All of south park

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

All Characters in Multiplayer Mode:

To enable all characters in multiplayer mode, enter the password OMGTKKYB.
That, as any South Park fan will know, stands for "Oh My God, They Killed
Kenny! You Bastards." 

All Weapons:

For all weapons, enter the password FATKNACKER. 

Big Head Mode:

For big head mode enter the password MEGANOGGIN at the Cheat menu. 

Bonus Characters:

To access these characters in multiplayer mode, enter one of the passwords

veggieheaven = Skinny 
cheatingisbad = Mr. Mackey 
elvislives = Bar Brady 
outrage = Big Gay Al 
hawking = Ned 
slapupmeal = Starvin Marvin 
phaert = Phillip 
raft = Terrance 
dorothysfriend = Mr. Garrison 
lovemachine = Chef 
checkataco = Wendy 
fishnchips = Pip 
kickme = Ike 
allwoman = Mrs. Cartman 
goodscience = Mephisto 
staringfrog = Jimbo 
majestic = Alien 


For god mode enter the password ASSMAN. 

Level Select:

To choose your starting level enter the password THEEARTHMOVED. 

Master Cheat:

To unlock all cheats enter the password BOBBYBIRD. 

Pen and Ink Mode:

For Turok's famous "pen and ink" mode, enter the password PLANEARIUM. 

Unlimited Ammo:

For unlimited ammo, enter the password FATTERKNACKER. 

View Credits:

To view the credits, enter the password "screwyouguys". 





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