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Space Invaders

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Space Invaders

Activision / 1999-12-01


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Game Details

Attention all earthlings! Relentless alien hordes have been identified in a vicinity near you. Be aware--the classic arcade update has proven to be even more dangerously addictive than ever before. Alien troops have been reinforced with enhanced firepower, 3-D graphics, special effects and multiplayer modes! Space Invaders skyrockets the classic arcade franchise to new heights with out-of-this world 3-D graphics, explosive special effects, enhanced firepower, high resolution cinematics, and frenetic multiplayer modes in graphically rich space worlds. Classic Arcade Action! Brave 100 levels of classic shoot-and-dodge-style gameplay--now in 3-D and updated with a host of innovative features! Visit a variety of space worlds, including Pluto, Saturn, Mars, and Earth--each with dynamic terrain and interactive background elements. Explosive weapons and sound effects! Your arsenal includes an infrared laser beam, flame throwers and a neutron blast, plus bonus power-ups and special weapons unique to each world. Be abducted by awesome 3-D graphics, high-resolution cinematics, an engaging single-player storyline, and intense sound effects. Take on alien invaders cooperatively, or go head-to-head against a friend in a two-player race to annihilate aliens for points. Battle 18 species of aliens and 10 huge bosses, including Crunchers, Dodgers, Ic Invaders, and Invisible Invaders--each with unique attacks and advaced strategies. Hidden bonuses include a replica of the original arcade game, plus two bonus worlds with 20 additional hidden levels.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Classic mode:
Successfully complete the game under normal mode to unlock the classic mode 
option on the main menu. 

Maniacal mode:
Successfully complete the game under expert mode to unlock the maniacal mode 
option on the main menu. 





Space Invaders s0

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