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Triple Play 2000

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Triple Play 2000

Electronic Arts / 1999-07-06

Sports / Sports - Baseball

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Game Details

Triple Play 2000 invites you to step up to the plate and hit with the heroic power of a Major Leaguer. Challenge your friends in a custom home run derby to see how many balls you can crank out of the yard. Triple Play 2000 gives you more control at the plate, allowing you to swing through 3 vertical zones. Player facial animations bring the players to life. Start working your power swing. Baseball's next historic season is just around the corner!

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Home run sounds:
Press C-Up or C-Right to hear air horns, or C-Down to hear whistles while 
running around the bases after hitting a home run. Note: This has no effect 
in home run derby mode. 

Three ball count:
Hold L + R + Z and press Up, Down during game play. 

Three outs:
Hold L + R + Z and press Down, Up during game play. 

Instant strikeout:
Hold L + R + Z and press Right, Up, Right, Up while pitching. 

Hit a homer:
Hold L + R + Z and press Left, Up, Left, Up when your batter is in the batter's 
box but has not received the first pitch. Note: This code must be re-entered 
when a strike is entered into the count. 

Home team score increased by one:
Hold L + R + Z and press C-Left(2) during game play.

Visiting team score increased by one:
Hold L + R + Z and press C-Right(2) during game play.

Easy homeruns:
Hold Analog-stick Up/Left and press B when at bat. If positioned correctly, the 
batter will hit a homerun most of the time.






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