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Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense

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Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense

Activision / 2000-02-02

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense Delivers all the elements of its best-selling predecessor-fully destructible environments, over-the-top characters and breakthrough graphics-while upping the ante with morphing vehicle advancements, special attack moves, explosive realism, and even more Multiplayer options. The King of Auto Combat is on the road again! With Insane Auto Combat Action, blast away through 12 fully destructible battle arenas across the United States. Uncover hidden and bonus areas, cars, power-ups, and weapons throughout graphically distinct environments. For a better look at the destruction, switch between behind-the-wheel or behind-the-car views on-the-fly, plus Multiplayer split-screen. Enjoy High-tech abilities and upgrades. Drive 17 new, fully loaded '70s-style vehicles, plus the bus, which are all upgradeable with high-tech enhancements and power-ups, that morph into place as you progress, allowing improved snow/ice/water driving and hovering for jumps. Build the ultimate super-charged V8 hotrod, then save it to memory to wield against friends in Multiplayer modes. You can wreak havoc with 18 lunatics. Returning for another off-road war on wheels are eight of the original Vigilante 8 wackos, including Molo, Slick Clyde and John Torque, plus 10 new characters, including the introduction of the blood-thirsty Drifter gang. New vehicles include a garbage truck and a futuristic space vehicle. You now have four different ways to play. Single-Player modes include Quest, Brawl and Desperado. Two-Player modes include Quest, Co-op, Versus, Brawl, Team, and Desperado. In addition, there are Three-to Four-Player modes.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Password screen:

Enter the options screen, select "Game Status", highlight one of the 
characters, then hold L + R. 

Rapid fire mode:

Enter RAPID_FIRE as a password to remove the delay when shooting 

Solo play in arcade mode:

Enter HOME_ALONE as a password. 

No gravity:

Enter NO_GRAVITY as a password. Gravity will be reduced to the point 
that your car will almost float when a bump is hit

Big wheels:

Enter GO_MONSTER as a password.

View all ending sequences:

Enter LONG_MOVIE as a password to view all endings in one continuous 

Same cars in multi-player:

Enter MIXED_CARS as a password to allow more than one person to select 
the same car in multi-player mode.

No wheel attachment icons:

Enter DRIVE_ONLY as a password to disable wheel attachment icons from 

Super missiles:

Enter BLAST_FIRE as a password to increase the damage from missiles.

Attract enemies:

Enter UNDER_FIRE as a password to have three enemies to attack 

Slow motion mode:

Enter GO_SLOW_MO as a password.

Heavier cars:

Enter GO_RAMMING as a password to increase your car's weight and ramming 

Faster cars:

Enter MORE_SPEED as a password.

Fast action:

Enter QUICK_PLAY as a password to enable a random arcade feature.

High suspensions:

Enter JACK_IT_UP as a password.

Ultra rez option:

Note: This code requires the RAM expansion pak. Enter GO_MAX_REZ as a 

Special attacks: 

Interceptor Missiles
Attack 1: Up, Up, Down, Machine Gun 
Attack 2: Up, Up, Up, Machine Gun 
Attack 3: Up, Up, Right, Machine Gun 

Bull's Eye Rockets
Attack 1: Up, Down, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Up, Down, Up, Machine Gun 
Attack 3: Up, Down, Right, Machine Gun 

Sky Hammer Mortar
Attack 1: Down, Down, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Down, Down, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Down, Down, Right, Machine Gun 

Brusier Cannon
Attack 1: Down, Up, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Down, Up, Up, Machine Gun 
Attack 3: Down, Up, Right, Machine Gun 

Roadkill Mines
Attack 1: Left, Right, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Left, Right, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Right, Left, Right, Machine Gun 

Brimstone Burner
Attack 1: Right, Left, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Right, Left, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Right, Left, Right, Machine Gun 


Complete the following tasks to unlock each character in the game.

Lord Clyde: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Nina Loco, 
Molo, and Dallas 13.
Obake: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Lord Clyde. 
Boogie: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Obake.

Note: You cannot play Quest Mode as Boogie 

Houston: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Sheila, John 
Torque, and The Flying All-Star Trio.
Convoy: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Houston
Dave's Cultsmen: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Convoy. 

Note: You cannot play Quest Mode with Dave's Cultsmen. 

Chassey Blue: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Astronaut 
Bob O., Garbage Man, and Agent R. Chase.
Padre Destino: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Chassey 
Dusty 'Earth': Complete all objectives in quest mode with Padre 

Note: you cannot play Quest Mode with Dusty 'Earth'. 

Hint: Launch Site weapons:

Go to the tower in the middle of the Launch Site level. Approach to the 
tunnel that does not go through and wait until the lights above are 
green beforine driving in. You will be taken up on to the tower and a 
booster rocket will be placed on back of your vehicle. Then, you will 
be shot into the air and dropped. Collect the weapons, that include 
specials and radar jammers. This may be repeated as much as needed, 
unless the tower is destroyed. 

Hint: Triple salvage points:

Destroy your opponents with a special weapon to get triple salvage 

Hint: Big ant in Arizona level:

Destroy the observatory in Arizona and wait until the loud explosion. 
Examine the big crater in the middle of the level to find a big 
asteroid. Destroy the asteroid and a giant ant will emerge and shoot 
everyone in the level. 

Hint: Fire all ammo:

Enable the "Rapid Fire" code, then begin game play. Get any gun, get 
close to an opponent, then rapidly tap Fire. The gun should fire all of 
its ammunition in about five seconds.





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